Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This year Christmas was a lot of fun. It is the first year that Dane understood Santa Claus.
On Christmas Eve we tried to get him all excited about Santa coming in the night. Dane said that he didn't want Santa to come because he is scary. It probably didn't help that a few days earlier Dane wouldn't clean up a mess that he had made and Scott told him that if he didn't Santa was going to bite his toes while he was sleeping! Needless to say, Dane cleaned up his mess, but now is terrified of Santa. Thanks to dad! Kids believe everything.
We tried to wake him up early, but he didn't want to wake up. We tried for about 5 minutes, but it wasn't until we opened his bedroom door and said "Look at all the toys!!!" that he got up. He was excited. He got just what he wanted! Isn't Santa smart!

Winter Fun

One thing that we weren't looking forward to about moving back to Cache Valley were the winters. We had two warm winters in St. George and then Hawaii. We were getting used to the heat. But we have actually been having a GREAT winter! It has been snowing so much and there is nothing more beautiful than a valley covered in snow, and nothing more fun than a bouncy 3 year old that wants to experience it. Having kids is so much fun, it makes us boring adults act like kids again, something I think is so important for our well being.

Last night for family home evening we did something that I have never done in my life. Ice skating!! I was terrified. I have been roller skating, but that was years ago, and only once. We didn't get any pictures, but we are going to go again, so stay tuned.
I am married to a multi-talented man. He can't even help it. He put on those ice skates and turned into Scott Hamilton! WHA.....?! Hi zipped around the rink like he had done it a million times before!
How did I do you ask? Well, I am happy to say that I didn't fall!! It took me about 15 years to go around one time. Scott would come by and hold my hand and I could go a little faster, but not for long! I would start to get scared.
We got Dane some skates that were absolutely adorable, but he couldn't stand up in them. We decided to let him walk around on the ice with his shoes. He had a great time.

We also went sledding. It was a lot of fun! We tried to take Dane last year, but he was too scared. This year he all for it!! He looks so dane (cute, I know!) in all his winter gear!
Yes, those are socks on his hands!

What to say....?

I don't even know what to say about this picture.

Farewell 2010

One of my new years goals is to update my blog more often then I did last year. It won't be hard. I didn't want to blog anymore in 2010, because at some point I was too bitter about how the year turned out and didn't trust myself to blog, I didn't want to vent.

Alas, it is a New Year and Scott and I couldn't be more pleased. New opportunities, attitudes, and motivation came with the new year. We are determined to have a GREAT year. So far, so good.
However, I must admit that with all trails come great blessings. I will give 2010 credit for humbling our little family into a mess that is grateful to be alive, to have each other, and to learn how much we are loved by others, while weeding out a few, well, weeds! We are so blessed to be closer to our families in the place that we love more than any other place on earth. It is good to be home, even if it isn't forever.

Stay tuned for all the new adventures that we are going to have this year....The year of the Jorgensens!!