Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Pictures and more on their way!

I got the best Christmas gift this year and I haven't quite figured it out yet! It is the SWEETEST camera! My brother-in-law Bodie (www.bodwa.com) has a photography business and he upgraded to a new camera...So I got his old one!!!!! It is really complex and so so so cool! I have actually taken a ton of pics but I haven't figured out how to get them on the compy! They are coming though!

Santa Scott!

I got caught kissin Santa this year!!!
Dane with Santa Scott.

Santa Scott

Not so happy about being Santa Scott! Our friends Chase and Melissa are activity leaders for their ward. They were in charge of the ward Christmas party. But...they couldn't find anyone to be Santa. Chase asked Scott if he would do it and to EVERYONE'S surprise! HE DID!! I think Scott was more surprised than the rest of us!! Chase took him out to the Lucky Buffet the next day as a thanks! (I thought he looked great!)