Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I went to take Scott some dinner at work and he asked me if I wanted to go on a helicopter ride! I was so excited!! And scared! We only went for 30 minutes but it was awesome! At first I was really scared because they take the doors off the helicopter in the summer (it is still pretty hot down here!) I felt like I was going to fall out! There was nothing to hold on to! I just clasped my hands together and squeezed. It felt like we were going about 30 miles an hour, I asked scott how fast we were really going and he said 100 MPH!! We flew all around St. George and Scott showed me some really big houses and we flew over our house. It was neat to see what he sees every day. I felt so cool with the head set on. Scott is so cool!
My friend Melissa watched Dane for us. It was so cute to see him when we were landing! He was waving and pointing to the sky! I don't know if he understood what was going on, but it was cute anyway!
This isn't a picture of us flying, but it is the same helicopter! I didn't have my camera! Dang it!