Monday, September 1, 2008

1 year ago....

One year ago (on September 17, 2007 at 11:42pm!) I was blessed to become a mother. Dane Matthew Jorgensen was 9lbs 9oz of sweetness. I never knew how much I would love being a mother. The last 365 days have been the most fulfilling of my life.
50 things I love about Dane.
1. I love that he looks just like his daddy.
2. I love that he is chubby!
3. I love his little grunt. (he has been grunting since the day he was born!)
4. I love is red hair SO MUCH!! I don't think I will ever cut it!
5. I love that he never fit into newborn clothes!
6. I love that he is so sweet.
7. I love his tender heart.
8. He has the cutest cry face! It breaks my heart when he cries, but it also makes me smile!
9. I love that he has slept through the night since he was 2 months old.
10. When he is really excited he will slap you in the face! It kind of hurts!
11.Lately when he has a poopy diaper, he tries to take it off himself. Just get rid of it!
12. I love his sloppy kisses!
13. I loved nursing him. He would always play with my hair, stick his fingers in my mouth, or pull at my eye lashes!
14. When he is concentrating on something it seems like his cubby checks magically get even bigger!
15. I love that he reaches for me when I walk in the room.

16. I love that he loves people. He never cries around new people.
17. I love how he splashes in the bath. I'm soaked afterwards!
18. I love that when he is happy and laughing, his mouth is wide open.
19. I love his 8 little teeth.
20. I love that he loves cheese like his dad and ice cream like his mom!
21. I love how he stares at little kids in amazement. I think that he thinks they are weird because they are so small! (not realizing that he is even smaller!)
22. I think he is going to want a drum set. There is on in our office right now, if we give him a drumstick, he knows exactly what to do, and cries when we take him away.
23. If he hears the refridgerator open, he races in the kitchen so he can stand in the cool breeze.
24. I love that he laughes at me when I have a towel on my head.
25. I love that he stands at the window when all the kids are at the bus stop in the morning and just watches them until the bus leaves.
26. every day he pushes Scotts bottle of shaving cream into bath tub. He likes the loud sound that it makes!
27. I love how excited he gets to play with Scott. His favorite is the chasing game.
28. I love his deep belly laugh. He has always sounded like he has already hit puberty.
29. I love that he is so determined. If he sees an obstacle course he has to conquer it! He always does!
30. I love that he has tiger stripe birth marks like his dads on his back.
31. Nothing is cuter than a baby's bum!
32. I love that he is always swinging one or both of his legs.
33. I love that he dances when he hears music.
34. I love that he has my feet!
35. I love that he follows me all around the house.
36. I love that he pulls all of our socks out of the sock drawer.
37. I LOVE his raptor style laugh.
38. I love that he laughs at pictures of himself.
39. I love that he always grabs my finger or thumb when I am holding him.
40. He has a pink bunny that is really soft. He gets so happy when we give it to him. He usually gets rid of it 30 seconds later!
41. I love that he loves Scotts diaper changing song; "You hold your pants, and I'll do a dance, and we'll get you a FRESHY!"
42. I love how he chews food. I can't describe it, it's just cute!
42.When he was about 3 months old he would always look at our family pictures on the wall and laugh.
43. I love that he liked the womb so much that it took him 18 hours to say goodbye to it!
44. He loves this game where he grabs my toes and he looks at me and waits for me to say "that's mama's foot!"
45. I love that he has discovered that he has control over the volume of his voice.
46. He has the cutest little courtesy laugh.
47. I love how he loves to be tossed really high in the air.

48. He loves to play in dirt. But he really loves to eat it! He is such a boy!
49. I love that he is so curious.
50. He just recently learned how to turn the light on and off. He always reaches for the switch when I get him out of his crib.
I love that little guy so much! I can't believe a whole year has gone by!
Happy Birthday Boggie!