Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Another Week

I love this picture of Dane. This is him running toward me after preschool. He LOVES it!! Check out all the stickers on his shirt for being AWESOME!

Chewy got a haircut! This is his face shot! HE CAN SEE!!

This is Scott and his "band". It was SO cute. Dane kept saying "we are playing instruments together" He wanted me to play too, but Scott left his other guitar at work, so I used a tennis racket.

Kiddos napping together! Macy looks SO SMALL in this picture.

My first eye appointment ever. My eyes are dilated. Weird. Turns out I need glasses....bummer.

Dane making milk bubbles!! Those are some crazy bubbles!
Dane figured out that we could tape straws to his hand so he could complete his wolverine outfit! So Creative!

This is Dane holding Chewy the day Chewy got his hair cut. Funny story. When we took him for his appointment Dane thought I gave him away. He started to cry saying, "this is all my fault!" (he doesn't know what that means, I'm sure he heard it somewhere, but it was cute). Then, when we went to pick Chewy up, Dane was SO upset! He kept saying that he didn't want Chewy anymore. I think he cried for about an hour. But alas, they are back to being best friends.

I put Macy in her chair while I was cleaning up. I left the room for a second and when I came back, Chewy was all snuggled up to her!! It was so cute. She was fussy all morning until he sat on her. I think she liked it.

He LOVES Macy! When ever she cries he runs to her and looks concerned. Chewy was such a great addition to the family!