Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Goals

I had an idea to take a picture everyday this year and then blog every Sunday. I'm not going to call it a goal, just an idea. If I actually achieve it, then I will call it a "goal that I achieved!"
This is the first picture of the year. Mother and daughter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girl. Sweet is the best word to describe her.
My other goals for the year 2012:
-No pop! This is going to be tough. Scott had a pop today and it was so hard to not have a sip, but I did it! YAY! 364 days to go!!
-Lose weight! Who doesn't have this goal!
-Run the Kansas City half marathon in April. I started training 4 weeks ago. So far so good!
-Be more out going and make lots of friends here. This includes making a friend that speaks Spanish so I can brush up on my Spanish!
-Connect more with my siblings. They are super cool, I need to talk to them more!
-Set a new record with paying off our debt. In 2011 we paid off a little over $15,000. I'll be happy if we get $16,000 this year! (We have a lot of debt! Helicopter school isn't cheap!)
-Blog more. I'm shooting for once a week.
Well, that does it!! I love new beginnings!

Christmas Day

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Christmas Day. We woke Dane up at about 7am. He didn't want to wake up until we said that Santa came! Then he JUMPED out of bed! He was so excited every time he opened a present. It was great!
I really miss being a kid, but having kids is so much fun! Maybe even better than being one.
Scott pretty much took charge of the food situation for Christmas. I have to say he did a GREAT job! This is his first turkey ever, It was perfect!

Scott really gets into the Christmas spirit. I love that he is nostalgic that way. He really wanted a warm fire and hot chocolate to make it a cozy day. He did a good job!

Christmas snacks!

There is no mess I love more than a Christmas mess!

New Member of the Family

This year Santa brought us a new member of the family! He left it on the door step and rang the doorbell! When we answered it there was a kennel! I asked Dane what was in it and he said "A DOG!!" Then he ran inside and jumped on top of the table! It was a really cute first meeting! Everyone, meet CHEWY!

Little Photo-Man

Dane has been really interested in taking pictures lately. I let him try taking pictures the other day with my camera. This is what he shot!

I think there is something kind of cool about his "style".

New Food

One thing that Scott and I really enjoy doing together is cooking! Trying new recipes. We have been wanting to figure out how to make tamales for a long time, but it always seemed so hard to find the right ingredients and supplies. Well, not here!! There is a tamale themed area in every grocery store! So, we (mostly Scott) gave it a go!
Scott is allergic to smiling nicely for a picture!
Chef Batman

Blizzard in Kansas

A few weeks ago I went outside to take out the trash and Dane came with me. We ended up staying outside for a while because it was so warm. Dane said "Mom is it summer?" It really was nice! I even saw a neighbor boy outside without a shirt on.
The next morning we woke up to this
So, of course, Dane got all geared up!
Convinced Scott to get geared up and make a snowman!!
I never got a picture of the snowman, but it was CUTE!!