Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Italian and a Turtle

One of the other pilots that Scott works with is Luca. He is Italian, love that accent!!
We went to his house to see some sea turtles that live in behind his house.

#1&2 This is Luca's backyard!! WHAT!?! Beautiful right? WOW!

#3&4- The turtles! There were 2! They were really cool! I guess if we were to go a little later in the day there would have been a lot more. We will go back!

#5- A Hawaiian grapefriut!! HUGE! They were everywhere in Lucas yard! Of course Dane loved them! "Big yellow balls!"

#6-Really cool spider web!

#7-Dane running down the street!

#8-Dane. Cute.

#9-The famous Hawaiian flower, The bird of paradise!

#10-This is Luca. He caught a bird to show the kids. That is his wife in the picture with their son Eli.

#11 & 12- More of the view.

#13-Dane playin!

The Glass Beach

Our neighbors were telling us about some of the cool free stuff to do on the island. They told us about the Glass Beach. Apparently back in the day, they used to dump garbage at this beach. In the garbage was a lot of glass bottles. Over time the whole beach turned into glass!! It was really cool!!

Side note- Our neighbors are from Tennessee and they have that great southern accent. One day Dave (the Tennessean) was helping Scott put together his grill. After about 30 minutes Scott was speaking with a southern accent!! It was hilarious! Also, the other day they brought us some cheesy grits! Yummy!

Kirk the Painter

The sign on the building at Scott's work needed a little love. Since Kirk is a painter, and he got to go on a helicopter ride (that he loved!), he thought he would pay for the ride with a little home improvement.
Dane and I hung around and watched him work. It looks great!!

CRAZY Rain Storm

We live on the dry side of the island. It is weird that there is a dry side since the rainiest/wettest spot on earth is on Kauai. We get about 15 inches of rain a year compared to Mt. Wai'ale'ale that gets 500 inches a year and is only about 20 minutes away. Crazy!
Anyway, the other day I was just chillin at home and all of a sudden I heard this really loud noise! It scared me to death!! It was the rain!! It all came at once! I ran out an took these pictures. It was this wet only after about 10 seconds!! I thought it was crazy!

Boat Ride with Captin Kirk!

Scott set up this awesome boat ride for us to go on! We were a little nervous about how Dane would like it, but he did great!!
It was a 6 hour ride to the west side of the island, called the Na'pali Coast. It was beautiful!! They served us a little breakfast and a great lunch. They also stopped for about an hour and let us all go snorkeling!! A first for me! It was awesome!!

#1 Right when we boarded the ship. Dane looks happy there, but a few minutes later we had to put his life jacket on. He threw the biggest fit!!

#2 & #3- About 20 minutes into the ride we spotted some dolphins!! There were about 200! They were amazing!! They swam right up to the boat and played. They did tricks and everything!! I LOVED it!

#4,#5,& #6- The boys! Having a great time!

#7- All of us gettin some fresh air!

#8-The Na'pali Coast

#9, 10, &11- This is when all 3 of the boys started to get sea sick! Scott had it the worst. He was GREEN and he wouldn't let us talk to him. Poor guys. Dane slept through most of his sickness (about 3 hours) and Kirk tried to ignore his sickness.

#12- More beautiful coast.

#13- Dane saw a "pirate ship". He kelp saying "wook pirates!!" So cute!!

#14- This guy had the worst sickness. He was slumped over for most of the trip. He threw up about 4 times! Poor guy!

Easter and Randomness

We had our first holiday in Hawaii!! Easter morning we went to the park a few blocks from our house to the Easter egg hunt.
When we got there we realized we forgot to buy an Easter egg basket! So we used the camera case! Lame.
When it was time to get the eggs Dane and I ran out there to start picking them up. He got 3 when he eyeballed the perfect blue egg! He started to run for it, but another kid got to it before he did. And that was the end of the race for us. Dane fell on the ground and refused to get anymore eggs! A nice lady even tried to pick him, but he wouldn't have it!!
It was fun anyway. I thought it was interesting because all the eggs were boiled! No candy for the kids!!

In Kauai, if you take your trash to the dump, but you think someone might want something that you are throwing away, you put those items NEXT to the dump. So Scott was at the dump when he saw Dane's "motorcycle". Scott brought it home and right away Dane said "Wook!!! A green motocycle!" He has loved it ever since!! I guess one man's trash is really another man's treasure!!