Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Booga! Push The BUTTON!!!!!

This morning I decided to clean out my car. This is one of Dane's favorite things to "help" me with. I let him sit in the car with me and push all the neat buttons in the car. He is usually most interested in the hazard lights and the interior lights buttons. Not today!!

I gathered all the trash that was in the front seat of the car, I then had to get out of the car to get into the back seat to clean up. And that is when it all happened!! My leg hit the front door and slammed it shut, in that VERY SECOND Dane decided to find the lock button and lock himself in the car. No problem, I'll just go get the keys. Oh WAIT!! The keys are in the car with him!!! OH NO!!!! Are any of the windows down??? NOPE!! (Don't worry, our car was in the garage which is pretty cool, so no heat problem). I haven't started panicking yet, in fact I think it is kind of funny, Mostly because Dane is having such a good time!!

I call Scott, tell him I'm in a pickle. Tell him what the pickle is!! He laughs but there is an edge of nervousness. He says there is a cop that lives by us, or call a locksmith if Dane won't push the button in 15 minutes.

I run inside and find a hanger...I don't know why! I have seen my brothers grab hangers in these situations and have success, but I never paid enough attention to know what they did. Hanger idea, bad idea!

I start yelling through the car window..."Booga!!! Push the button!!!" I have my finger pressed against the window pointing down at the button. He looks at me, understands me, and presses his cute little finger against my finger on the other side of the glass. Pleased with himself for doing what I said, he moved on to more interesting things. He looks around and finds a pack of gum. He unwraps a piece and shows it to me, smiles and says "YUUUMMMM!" Eats it. Unwraps another piece and another and eats them all until he has eaten the whole pack of gum. 15 pieces!

I keep encouraging him to push the button, (my finger is still pressed against the window. I'm trying to show him where the button is!!!). He starts pushing every button he can see. The eject button to the CD player. A cd comes out and he thinks that is pretty cool! All the interior lights. He finds the Ipod...buttons!!! You can tell that he is proud of himself for pushing all the buttons. Just like Mama said!!

I see the keys in the cup holder. "Booga!! Get the KEYS!!" He finds the mail key. Picks it up and shows it to me! Got it Mom!! "Get the other keys!! With the buttons!!" He looks around, he sees no other keys and shows me the mail key again. "Mail?"

This goes on and on! I'm starting to panic a little. I close the garage door to block out some of the heat. ( And to "close" the pickley situation to any neighbors that might be watching!) I continue to yell about the keys and the button...nothing.

I say a little prayer. Dane finds the keys in the cup holder! "BOOGA!!! PUSH THE BUTTON!!" He pushes the most interesting button the key chain. THE RED ONE!! The ugly alarm goes off and scares him a little. He pushes the red button again to turn it off. Now it is a game. On and off, on and off with the alarm for 5 min!! (It was probably only 1 min). "Push the OTHER BUTTON" I am prepared with my hand on the door handle in Superwoman style! HE PUSHES IT!! I open the door and grab him and say "Good Job!!" He laughs and runs away never knowing that he was trapped!

These pictures were taken after the fact.

Oh look!! Buttons!! These are the buttons I was trying to get him to push!!! Now he knows where they are!Running off to the next adventure!