Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer 2012

Macy with her hand-foot-mouth. She was so miserable! Babies shouldn't ever get sick!
 We headed back to Utah and Idaho this summer. It was awesome! We were so homesick. The bad part is that both Dane and Macy got hand-foot-mouth while we were there!! They were so miserable!!
My brother Brett and is wife Adrienne pulled out their smoker and we smoked up some meat!! YUM!! It was so good!

Chewy LOVED hanging out at my parent's house! They have a huge yard and there were a ton of kids that played with him!! (He had to be tied up at Scott's dad's house because he lives in a strict sub-division!)

My brother Brandon waiting and supervising the meat. I think all the men stood outside waiting for about 5 hours.

Dane loving is dog!

Macy had a great time outside too!

Perfect weather for an outside nap!

Scott provided that background music!

Macy always had someone ready and willing to play with her! It gave me nice break!

Makayla, Sariah, and Justin in the back

Sariah loved Macy...and vice-verse

This was strawberry rhubarb cobbler...the best EVER!!!

Justin sharing his ice cream with Macy. Fast friends.

Always a super hero

So funny!

I like this picture!

Dad and Macy

Playing ipod games with Justin!

This strain of hand-foot-mouth make finger and toe nails fall off. This is a picture of one of Dane's nails before it fell off the next day. He has lost 2 toenails and is going to lose a total of 4 fingernails. Weird! He laughs his head off every time one falls off!