Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day #6 In Paradise

Day 6:
I'll just start with the pictures.
#1-This is Scott's sweet work shirt. He looks really handsome and professional.
#2-Dane and I went to the beach today. I was carrying Dane across the rocks, but I couldn't feel very well because of my flip-flops. I didn't want to lose my balance and drop Dane, so I wanted to take off my flops and throw them on the beach, and cross the rocks in bare feet. I took my first flop off and, of course, it feel between the rocks. They were brand new flops!! $45.00. The most I have ever spent on flip-flops was $12.00.
I could see it between some rocks, and it was in a place that I knew I would remember. So I was planning on going back the next day to try to fish it out. Then it occured to me that the tide was probably going to rise high enough to get it and maybe move it. So when Scott got home, he fashioned a "flip-flop removal device" and we went to fish it out. It was dark out side and I tripped over a rock, thus the ouchie in picture #2. But, the right shoe is now reunited with the left!!Scott is my hero!
#3- Scott being sexy in his shirt!
#4-Dane taking off his shoes! I thought it was such a cute picture!
#5- There are always rainbows! It is amazing!! I hope I never get use to it! Dane is close to where I lost my shoe!
#6-7-This is the almost sunset. I love it because it set behind the "forbidden island." For some reason it makes the island even more mysterious to me!! These are the first boats that I have seen on the ocean. Dane was pretty excited to see them.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day #5 In Paradise

Day 5:
Today was sad!! Dane was feeling pretty good when he woke up, but around noon he climbed up on me and feel right asleep. That never happens!! When he woke up from his nap he was so sad. He just laid on my lap and kind of moaned. That lasted until 6am this morning!! At one point he said "Hurt, mama please help!" It brought tears to my eyes!! He has an ear infection. But I think he feels a lot better this morning!
1-4 These were taken before the sickness kicked in. He wanted to see the "bright light". He is so cute!
#5-Dane sleeping. Aren't kids cute when they are sleeping!

Day #4 In Paradise

Day 4:
Wasn't too eventful. In fact both Dane and I have wicked colds! We didn't feel like going anywhere.
Scott brought his bosses by our place so they could see it. It was nice to visit with them.
#1-I made some brownies. Dane kept saying "Mama lick it!!" and "No cook it!" So cute!
#2- Dane found all of the card games that we brought!! Giant mess #1!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day #3 In Paradise

Day 3:
Scott went to work today and Dane and I had to figure out what to do without him. So, of course, we went to the beach. But first we stopped at the park that is a few blocks away, and on the way to the beach. All of the pictures that I took today were on our walk to the beach.
#1 Dane watching the water getting closer to him.
#2 It got him!! He is a little startled!
#3 WHOA! It's pushing him a little!
#4 "No like it!"
#5 He is outta there!
#6 This is a picture from the park. It is right across the street from the ocean
#7-9 Dane playin at the park
#10 Our church
#11 These are roosters! They are all wild here. No one owns them!! And they are EVERYWHERE!!! And of course they start crowing at 5am!!!
#12-14 Pictures of the tropical flowers!! They smell so good!!