Monday, March 15, 2010

Week #2

Well, I know that I haven't been posting everyday, but life started to get pretty routine! And although a routine life is a good thing, it turns out that is can make a pretty boring blog!
So, I think I will at least post every week.
Week 2 was cool!!
Scott's jeep broke down, but he fixed it! I was so proud of him. We hung out with Scott's bosses a few times, that was fun, they gave me a car to drive around so I don't feel so trapped. That was SO SO nice of them.
But the BEST part of week 2 was the helicopter ride that I got to go on!! It was one of the coolest things I have EVER done!! I took about 300 pictures!! It was 1 hour, and we flew with the doors off, (Scott's company is the only one on the island that does that!), and it wasn't scary AT ALL!! It was beautiful! Just see for yourself. The first picture is of me with my life jacket on about to get in the helicopter. The last picture was when I came back!