Friday, February 11, 2011


 As most of you know, Scott got laid off from is job in the Gulf of Mexico in September. While we were looking for other jobs for him, we were still hoping that they would call him back (they said they would when they had openings). Well fortunately just 4 months later they called back! YAY!!! When Scott originally got hired he had to drive a car down there, then when he got laid off he had to drive it back. He said it was awful! It takes 3 days to get down there, so he had to drive for 6 days by himself!! This time when they called him back we decided that I would go with him. It was a way for us to have a little vacation. My parents came and stayed with Dane while we were gone!

This picture is actually when we were leaving Utah. The Utah drive was really pretty because we had to drive through Bear Lake.
Wyoming! Wow, I thought this was a pretty boring drive, but I was wrong! The next day was really hard to get through!
I thought this was a cool picture. Looks "old west"ish.
Colorado was really cool. We ended up staying in Fort Collins. That is where we fell in love 10 years ago! We ate at the same Applebees that we did in 2001. It was so much fun!
Denver skyline! It was weird to drive through Denver. I use to live there on my mission. So did my mom. (I served in Colorado for 3 months before I went to Venezuela)
Oh Kansas. There wasn't much to look at in this state. But it was cool to set foot in a state that I have never been in before. We stopped at a rest stop that had an antique mall. It was HUGE!! We stayed for an hour looking around, we agreed that we could have spent a lot of money there. Also, Scott found me some cool hanging crystals to add to my collection. He is the best!
This is basically what we looked at for 10 hours.
I just thought that was weird!
We stopped in Dodge City to eat and look around. It was cool to see the old stomping grounds of Wyatt Earp.
Oklahoma was my least favorite state, not because it is a lame state, but because of the hotel that we stayed in and the weather while we were there. We got to our hotel in Oklahoma City at about midnight, we were SO sleepy. When we got our room we realized it was a smoking room! That wasn't really the worst part. It was in the basement and it felt like a dirty dorm room. The carpet was just laying on top of the cement and it need to be vacuumed. The toilet needed a plunger, so it had one sitting there, a gross one, and the once you started the shower it whistled loudly forever, even when you got out!! Then when we left the next day we missed a turn. I freaked out because I was the navigator and I like to follow the exact directions from Google maps. I wanted to turn around and back track. Scott is good with maps, (as everyone should be), and just kept on going in the wrong direction, (but net really), until we found the right road. Did I mention I cried!! Oh yeah, and there was lots of snow and ice! That's right! Oklahoma doesn't usually get snow. It was obvious that they didn't know how to handle it. The roads were not plowed and they were pure ice. We counted about 50 slide offs from Oklahoma City to Texas. It was crazy! We were going about 40 MPH the whole way! ARGH! It was still cool to be in a new state though.
Texas! Yes that is snow! So much snow everywhere!
Louisiana! Another new state for me!!
I took a picture of the freeway because it was so different then I thought it would be. The roads were lined with these really thick forests!
A swamp! I kept looking for alligators. Scott said they out number the people 2-to-1. I never saw one.
A pretty sunset. That night we stayed in a REALLY nice hotel. I wanted to try some Cajun food, so we went to a local restaurant and I had some craw-fish and etouffee. It was really good!! The next morning I flew home!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Three Zero

 I am 30! YAY! I am excited for this new decade! Scott threw me a really great party with a whole bunch of family. It was the perfect day. I felt special!! This is Dane playin with all the balloons.
 My sister (in-law, but whatev!) made the most beautiful stuff! Not to mention, kick-you-in-the-head tasty! Those chocolate cupcakes are straight from heaven!
 Fondue!! Who doesn't love fondue?! I also learned that there is no need to peel a kiwi! The skin is perfectly edible! Like an apple! Yummy!
 Just a small glimpse of all the yumminess!
 The chef and her cute baby Huge! (Luke)
 The party people!! Thanks for coming!!
 Popping the balloons a few days fun.
A good shot of the fun!