Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day #2 In Paradise

So, I have a goal to take at least one picture everyday that we live here...lets see if I actually do it!!
Day 2:
We went shopping for food and other essentials. But first, I had to go to the beach again!!! This time Scott got in all the way and fought with the waves!! I tried it too, but I was too scared to go too far!! One of the wave lifted me off my feet and sent me flying 5 feet!
Then we came home and had a family nap!! It was nice.
Then off to Costco and Kmart a few towns away! About 30 minutes.
Ok pictures
#1 Dane wearing my hat!!! So cute.
#2 SPAM...yes, SPAM. I haven't had it yet, but Scott already loves it. He bought turkey Spam for me cause he thought it would be more healthy.
#3 I have discovered that if I want to keep my hair in-tact, I have to wear this hat whenever we got anywhere in the jeep, otherwise it will take me an hour to comb through it and it will all break off...BUT I like the hat!!
You can't really see, but Scott bought me the earrings that I am wearing because they have wave designs on them and I liked the waves so much!! What a sweetheart!!

Day #1 in Paradise!

(I couldn't get the captions to line up with the pictures! Any advise!)
Let me just first start by saying that
Scott did SUCH a great job at finding us a place to live!! It is perfect for so many reasons!! First off, Location, it is a five minute walk to the beach, we live with the locals, so not a lot of tourism, we live 2 blocks from our church.
Second, we got such a good deal for what we got! We have three bedrooms, not only is it furnished, but it is FURNISHED! We have bedding, towels, dishes, cleaning supplies, cable, internet, washer and dryer, all utilities are included. It is very clean and it already feels like home. It is cute!!
Ok to the pictures!! #1 (actually #2) My feet about to touch the pacific for the first time!
#2 My feet touching the pacific for the first time!!
#3 I love the crabs. They seem so paranoid!! They fun sideways really fast! It cracks me up!
#4 Dane...and his cute feet
#5 In the distance you can see another island. It is called "The Forbidden Island" You have to get permission from the Robinson family to go there. They bought the island in the 1800s for $10,000 and a grand piano. There are 200 natives there and they live the "old Hawaiian Way" Which means they don't have any modern conveniences. Occasionally there is a little cruise that goes over there, our landlord has the hookup!! We are going! Some day!
#6 Son and father bonding
#7 Me in the ocean!! So happy!
#8 More bonding
#9 Dane's cute footsteps

Dane didn't like the ocean! I think it was too loud! He kept running toward the rocks to go home. When we would go get him he would say "No like it!!" But when he sees the ocean he says "Oh OCEAN!! Beautiful!" Later Scott took us to the airport that he works. I got to see the helicopters, and they are beautiful, and his little office rocks! The company basically has the whole airport to themselves!! It was really cool!
The first day was awsome! I didn't get pictures, but Scott took me out to dinner and I ate the best food I have had in a long time!! The chips and salsa where the best I have EVER had!! And I got a pesto mushroom and goat cheese pizza on flat bread...SO. GOOD!!! And it was FREE!! Scott's job has a lot of perks!! I'm really happy!!

Travel Overview

We made it!! I have to admit, with all the reasons I had to be nervous to move to Hawaii, the thing that made me most nervous was the fact that I was going to have to travel with a 2 year old for 12 hours...But we did it and we are still best buds!!
My parents drove me to the airport and my brother and his family came to say goodbye. That was so nice!! I wanted them to stay as long as possible. And they stayed until I had to board!
Luckily I got on the first plane right away and Dane did a good job going where I told him too! He was wearing his monkey backpack that serves as a leash. I was carrying his car seat and two very heavy carry-ons. Once the plane took off I started to get nervous because Dane started kicking the seat in front of him. So I apologized to the guy that he was kicking and he was very nice and saif "I have 5 kids! I'm used to it."
We landed in Boise, but I stayed on the same plane, Dane started to get a little grumpy. When I was at the airport with my family my sister-in-law Adrienne bought Dane a coloring book and crayons, they saved my life!!! He colored for the next two hours while we flew to Seattle.
We had a 3 1/2 hour layover in Seattle that I was dreading! Anyone that knows Dane knows that he will not sit still!! Once we got there he started dragging me all over the airport, it was so difficult because I had to carry around that dang carseat everywhere we went!! ARGH!! Finally, after 2 hours he settled down and started coloring again! (Thanks Adrienne!)
Right when I started thinking "I am not looking forward to the 4 hour flight that we have ahead of us" Scott called and said it was 6 hours, not 4!!!
At this point half of our travel day is over with and I am thinking, "ok, this isn't too bad", then the nightmare began!!!
We boarded the plane and happen to sit behind a grumpy guy that kept clearing his throat and looking back at me every time Dane kicked his seat or made a loud noise!! Not to mention, Dane was tired and grumpy and very hard to please at this point.
So the first 4 hours of the flight was a nightmare!! But finally he fell asleep for the last 2 hours!!
When we landed in Hawaii I was SO ready to see Scott!! We went to the baggage claim area and waited for him, when I saw him he started running toward us jumping up and down!! It was so nice to have such a happy welcome! When Dane saw him, he just leaned into his legs, it was so cute!!
We drove home, but I couldn't see anything because it was dark. When we got home I fell into bed and slept the hardest I have slept in a long time!!