Sunday, January 29, 2012


I snapped this picture right before I started blogging. Beautiful baby!!

This is what Dane does when we tell him to smile for a picture...hmm.. This is him standing by his homework. I am so proud of him!! Can you believe he wrote all those numbers!?!?

About once a week Scott gets in the mood to try to make a new food. It is a lot of fun! This week it was onion rings.


Double yum!!

This is the quilt that my mom made for Macy. It is so pretty!! She is also wearing a cute outfit that my sis-in-law Denise sent her. It is my favorite outfit!

Thanks Grandma and Denise!

Dane wanted in on the picture-taking action!!

Holding hands!

Mommy and baby. This is actually right after I got my hair done. It looks ok in this picture, but it isn't great. It was $80!! SO NOT WORTH IT! You can't see it, but I look like a zebra.

The weather has been really nice. We went to a cool park right by the zoo here. (The zoo, BTW, is FANTASTIC!! And it's FREE!! They have lions, tigers, and bears!! And MUCH more!)

This is Scott and Dane climbing a rocket toy. You can't tell but they are REALLY high! Like 30 feet. It was freaking me out.

Blast-off at the top!!

It is just a kid toy, so Scott doesn't fit very well!


Dane wanted to climb down on his own. Big boy!

Found a jeep to drive.

"Get out of the way!"

Handsome Scott!

Handsome Dane!

So cute!

Smiling at daddy!

Hi mom!!


When we were getting in the car I saw this bump on Dane's head!! It was HUGE!! I asked him what happened and he just laughed and said he hit his head on the slide. I can't believe he didn't cry! I kept kissing it, he was annoyed!