Sunday, May 6, 2012

We are back!!!!

This is Dane's favorite hat. He looks so darn cute!

This was Valentines Day. Scott worked all night long and I wanted to make him a fancy breakfast when he came home in the morning. I made him eggs Benedict with chipotle holandaise sauce, strawberries and fruit dip. I was so good! Also, when Scott was growing up it was a tradition for his mom to make everyone a giant heart cookie. I have tried to keep up the tradition. I don't think I have miss a year yet.


Dane got a giant cookie and a special breakfast too! I love these two guys!

My two manly men being manly. Dane really helped Scott fix his motorcycle.

Blow out!! The worst one yet!!

His new favorite weapon!

I got this idea from Pinterest. It used to be brown and dusty. (I can't get it to download right-side-up!)

Bath pictures are always fun! She has a temporary tattoo on her arm. We all did. They were our super powers.

We made spring rolls!! They are SO SO SO good and SUPER healthy. I could eat these every day!

This day Dane wanted us to match. So he found some glasses and a hat to wear. Cracked me up!!

This is one of Macy's first rollovers. I think it was the 2nd time she rolled.




She was a little shocked after it happened!

Sideways Super Heros!

CHEWY!!! Last month Chewy got the the Parvo Virus. He was really slow and sad. The vet said that he only had a 16% of surviving. We were so sad. We knew that he was going to die and it was our fault because we never got his shots! We took him home and gave him medicine and force feed him pedialyte every 30 minutes. After a couple days of doing that he started to hide under our bed and tried to bite us and growled at us every time we went to feed him, (we had to wear oven gloves to pull him out!). We figured he wanted us to leave him alone so he could just die. It was really sad. We gave him lots of love and took him outside to watch Dane play as often as we could. Then after about 4 days of being really sick....he was better!! It was so sudden!! He has been super hyper ever since that day. We are so glad he didn't die! We love this little dog!!

Dane got a bike!! We have been wanting to get Dane a bike for a while, but we couldn't justify spending $80 on one! Scott found out that one of his co-workers had a bike that his son had out grown, and it was a Spiderman one!! PERFECT!!! This is him waking up to find it in the kitchen. (Of course he dressed up as Iron Man!)

Trying it out!

Macy's first solid food!! SO messy! So CUTE!!


This is what happens to Dane when we eat spaghetti!

Easter Morning. I love his sleepy eyes in this picture!

His pirate basket. The Easter Bunny got him a transformer!!


On April 15th I ran a half marathon in Denver. This was me after I finished. There isn't a finish line picture because they Scott didn't make it to the finish line in time (more on that in a minute). Dane was asking me if I won the race. I was showing him the medal that I got. 

When Scott was leaving to hotel in Denver to come to the finish line, Dane ran out of the room and jumped in the elevator!! We don't really know where he went, but Scott couldn't find him! He had to get security involved to find him on the cameras! Eventally a nice lady found him and took him to the front desk. Scary!
So, they didn't make it to the finish line. It's ok because they were at the finish line for the next half that I ran 2 weeks later!!

There was a half here in Garden City that me and my running partner decided to run. When we got to the race we noticed that there weren't very many people there. We asked how many people were running the half...SEVEN!! The one I ran in Denver had 3300!! YIKES!
We were in last place. But I'm so glad we did it!