Saturday, December 6, 2008

5 years and counting!

Today is our 5 year anniversary! It really has gone by so fast. I love Scott so much! He is the best husband and he really gets better at it all the time!
Reasons I love Scott:
He is probably one of the most talented people I know. Le me just mention all the cool things he does:
1. He is a guitar genius! He can whip out any kind of song! He dosen't just kind of play the guitar, he really is a GREAT muscian!
2. He is a songwriting genius! He has written me several love songs and I love all of them! That is romance! He also writes some pretty awesome non-love songs too.
3. He is an incredible writer! He has started so many books and all of them are interesting and gripping! (espescially the pirate one!)
4. If he wanted to be an athlete he could probably be an olympic athlete! He will do things if I dare him too that amaze me!! Once he did this wicked yoga pose that would kill anyone else!
5. He knows everything....almost. I can ask him any kind of question and he will tell me the answer or give me a pretty believable lie!
6. He refuses to do anything that makes him unhappy! He didn't like the idea of sitting behind a desk for a living, so he learned how to fly helicopters and make a living at it! I love that about him!
7. He is a wonderful father. My children are very lucky!
These are only a few of the reason that I love Scott. He is my best friend and he makes me feel safe by his side! I love you Bear!