Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dane is 2!

Our little baby is a little boy! We have been so blessed to have him in our lives!

Here are a few things that are new with him:

-He LOVES tractors. He pronounces it "Sactors". This is alse his favorite word/thing and says it a hundred times a day looking everywhere we go for one.

-He knows all of his letters, numbers, colors, and animals. (Amazing!) (Well...not ALL the animals, that WOULD be amazing!)

-He is at the cute stage where when he wants something he will grab my hand and take me to what he wants. I love the feeling of his soft, chubby, warm hand in mine.

-He is a rebel. If I say "diaper" he says "no Diaper" if I say "don't throw your food on the floor!", he throws his food in the floor.

-He loves Scott's Jeep. Whenever Scott gets home he says, "Jip, in?" and Scott will let him sit in his Jeep for a while. When it is time to come inside he will say "Bye bye Jip, la lou" (Bye bye Jeep, Love you)

-He pronounces cookie "tookie"

-When he goes to bed he says "song, mama?" and I will hold him and sing a song. During the song he pats my back.

-He runs. And runs.....and runs....and runs!! The second the door opens to go outside, he is gone! We are pretty sure he has no idea how to walk.

-He loves all things boy. Cars, trucks, Tractors (his favorite), balls, trains,drums, dirt, burps, and all other forms of gas.

-When he is "fake crying" to get something he wants, he will put his arms out with a sad look and say "cryyyy mama! Cryyyy"

We love this little guy so much! I can't even imagine what life was like without him!!

Happy Birthday Booga!!