Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animals And Waterfalls

This week was eventful!
(For this first "event" I don't have a picture.)
Dane and I were walking home from the post office, which is about 3 blocks away. But we were in the mood to linger, so we took a longer route home. I think I was looking down at my phone when Dane said "Wook mama! A doggie!" I looked up at the dog, it was about half a block away. It looked weird to me. A short, fat, big dog. When my eyes really focused I realized I was looking at a wild boar!!! Once I figured that out, it charged at a bunch of dogs that were barking at it!! Needless to say, after a moment the dogs stopped barking!! I was terrified!! I picked up Dane and started to run! I was looking for a place to hide if it came at me. There were a lot of trucks that were parked, I was going to jump into one of them! I called Scott and my mom and told them what I saw. Scott wasn't really sure that I had in fact, seen a wild boar, it was probably a dog. So, I started to question myself. I told him to ask the locals that he works with if it was possible that I had seen a boar. My mom told me to call the police. I didn't. I went home and googled "Hawaiian Boars". It was confirmed. I really did see one! Scott confirmed with the locals that I saw one. Apparently it isn't that uncommon. Yes, they are dangerous if they are scared. But they don't have good eye sight in the light of day. That night Scott came home and wanted to play tennis. I saw the boar right by the tennis courts!! We are all safe!!
Event #2 (picture #1)
Scott saw a toad in our yard. What else can I say.
Event #3 (the remainder of the pictures)
Scott finally had a day off!! So we went exploring! There is a waterfall that we wanted to see, so we packed up and went!! We had to hike down to the falls. It made me a little nervous because it was a steep trail and it wasn't smooth and we had Dane with us. So I made Scott carry him. He did a great job. It took us about 40 minutes to hike down and we had to cross the river twice. (I had my big nice camera with me! I was SO scared that I was going to fall and ruin it!) Once we got there it was worth it!! We will be going back to that one!
We took a different trail back up. It was about an 8 minute hike, but it was STRAIGHT UP!! It was slippery and there were ropes everywhere to help. There were also a massive amount of tree roots that helped a ton! Dane did SUCH a good job!! He loved it! He was singing the whole way up the trial. So cute!! I think we have a hiker!
It was a great day!!