Monday, October 26, 2009

Summer 2009

Ok....the next 3 post (maybe 4!) are all about this summer! I took a lot of pictures but never posted any of them. So beware! It is a lot!
I don't know why all my typing got messed up! You'll see what I mean!

Grandma turned 90!

My Grandma Roos turned 90 this summer! As you can see she is stylin! We had a family reunion in Salt Lake where she grew up! It was really fun!

Midnight 5k & Falls

I ran a midnight 5k. I'm glad it was at midnight, cause it was about 85 degrees. Scott was keeping me happy by slammin waters and making me laugh. People that lived in the neighborhood were spraying us with water! It was fun!

We took a trip to Toqerville Falls. It is a cool place about 45 mins away. It was really fun! We went in the jeep and it was an adventure to get there! We were the only ones there! It was a lot of fun!

My get-a-way, a birthday, and a buzz!

My really good friend Dianna invited me to stay with her for a few days! We had so much fun! We went to Seven Peaks and the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point!!

Dane had his first pony ride!! He was terrified!! But it only lasted for about 2 mins! I was glad that he did it!

Dane's favorite thing in the whole world is tractors!!! We figure he says the word tractor at least 200 times a day. So we bought him a couple tractors for his birthday. They were a hit!! Still are!!

We decided that we didn't want cake and Dane loves cookies, (he calls them tookies)...he loved them!

I buzzed both of my best guy's hair!! They are so handsome! Don't they look alike!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was looking through all of my pictures that I have taken over the summer and realized I have done a lot that I haven't blogged about!! Shame on me!!! Two of the coolest things that I did were the Top of Utah Half Marathon with my dad, and the Las Vegas Ragnar relay! I love running!!
Below is a picture of my team (half of my team) at the Ragnar Relay and a picture of me and my dad crossing the finish line at the Top of Utah.

We ran 171 miles in 26 hours!! We ROCK!!

Our team got a flat tire!!!! About 10 hours later our other team got a flat tire too!! WHAT!!??

We ran in the Valley of Fire! It was on fire!!(not literally) it was SO SO HOT!!

One of my very best buds Emily!!